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Kip Radt

Production Manager, Photographer, Videographer

When composing an image, Kip aims to capture genuine human connection, those moments that spark joy and inspiration. Whether it be a member of your audience connecting with a speaker on stage, the embrace of two old friends, or the punch-line of your joke, he will be present and ready to preserve the memory.

Kip understands that planning an event is difficult and will be there to simplify the process so you can focus on the task at hand. With five years of experience working in event photography, he has gained a keen understanding of the images that will provide value to you and your organization.

Kip developed a love of film and photography at an early age and received his first camera for his eighth birthday. Years later, he graduated from the University of California Santa Cruz with a degree in Film and Digital Media. With camera in hand, he traveled to Southeast Asia and found himself living and working as an event photographer in Cambodia for two years. Kip currently lives in Washington, DC and has been working with Jason Dixson Photography for the past three years.

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Eileen Chong

Photographer, Videographer

Motivated by the fact that every event is a unique and cherished experience for its attendees, Eileen approaches every shoot as if it is her first and last. This means shaking off routine and putting in the extra effort to guarantee the most impactful photos for your event.

Eileen believes that rather than mere preservation, photography and videography allow for the actual creation of positive memories, with photos becoming the memories themselves. Her goal is for the photography of an event to always enhance its reality.

Successful documentation will shape the perception of your event long after, and by highlighting sincere moments of connection—the handshake, the hug, the irrepressible laughter—it is possible for even the unaffiliated viewer to feel a kinship with your organization.

Eileen studied English and Film Production at the University of Notre Dame, the both of which honed her craft in storytelling with an eye toward creative as well as technical skill. Her own diverse background, as well as lengthy stints of travel, inform her approach. She is driven to bring forward traditionally underrepresented groups and portray all subjects respectfully, ensuring your organization is well-represented.

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Shayna Teicher

Operations Manager

“I’m not a problem solver, I’m a solution seeker.”

From your first communication with us, through the delivery of your edited gallery and beyond, Shayna provides the personal attention, responsiveness and friendliness to make the process easy and enjoyable.

Her open-minded creativity combined with her conscientious attention to details ensure that your event or project photography needs are thoughtfully addressed from the moment you contact us. Shayna makes sure Jason and the team have everything they need not only to meet your needs and expectations, but to exceed them.

Her diverse experience in web design and development, content creation, marketing, retail and project management allows her to see many facets and opportunities of every shoot, so that you get the most out of working with our exceptional team. Her history of fostering creative projects from conception through planning and creation allows her to plan ahead and adapt with ease when changes arise.

Ultimately, her mission is to provide you with the best possible experience working with us.

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