Headshot Photo Retoucher Application

  • Photo by Jason Dixson Photography. www.jasondixson.com
  • On-Location Headshot
  • Studio headshot with gray/green backrop.
  • NYC Environmental Portrait
  • On-Location Executive Headshot
  • Night time portrait headshot.

Thank you very much for your interest in our photo retoucher position! We are excited by your interest in joining our team and look forward to receiving your application. Please read through the following instructions before submitting your application.

All applicants will be asked to complete a sample image as a way for us to gauge their editing ability. The test image was chosen from one of our past projects and is a good example of the kind of images you will be working with as part of our team. Before uploading your completed test image below, ensure that the following criteria have been met:


• Remove the background of the original image and composite onto a new backdrop, ensuring that the resulting image appears true to life.

• Add realistic blur to simulate depth of field.


• High-quality retouching that looks natural.

• Remove stray hairs, blemishes, wrinkles in clothes, lint, etc.

• Create natural-looking smooth skin.

• Brighten eyes and whiten teeth (while still looking natural).

• Simulate studio lighting on the face (1 key light, 2 edge lights).


• Conversational written and verbal english skills.

• Ability to communicate with us via Slack and email.

The test image files can be found here:


Once we review your application, we will contact you via email letting you know if we would like you to proceed with a paid test project. Editors that demonstrate an ability to produce consistent high-quality images will be asked to schedule a short Zoom call to discuss details of the position and then be onboarded through our website.

Headshot Application Form

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